Virgin Voyages presents The Halloween Voyage: No Kids. Just Treats.

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Adult Halloween on Virgin Voyages

You may have noticed we have a bit of a thing about perfectionism. When we saw the opportunity to shake up a cruise industry filled with the same old options for years, we went for it. We built high-end ships that feel as comfortable as a hotel on land, with onboard restaurants you’d go nuts for no matter where on earth they were. It recently occurred to us that we should keep this disruption streak going — and we’ve put Halloween in our sights. 

No offense to Halloween itself — it’s an amazing raw idea. Dancing around in strange get-ups to ward off evil spirits? Iconic. No notes for the ancient Celts. But it’s 2023, and we keep getting invited to the same parties with the same people, the same tired costumes, and the same tacky decorations. 

Cue The Halloween Voyage: No Kids. Just Treats. It’s a nonstop party happening on our Scarlet Lady ship out of Miami. Your Sailors can ditch the land (and the kids) for a special, adults-only Halloween voyage where they can be as freaky, frightening, or fabulous as they want. That’s right – no fake cobwebs to hang, no soggy jack-o-lanterns to toss out, no agonizing over the socially-acceptable-trick-or-treating-sweet du jour. The only knocks on their doors will be our 24-hour Ship Eats crew delivering room service pappardelle al ragu. 

Our Caribbean-inclined Scarlet Lady will be the major hub for these Halloween cruises, which run from October 13th (that’s right, Friday the 13th) through November 1st. Sailors on board Valiant and Resilient’s repositioning sailings in October will enjoy exclusive tricks and treats, special cocktails, and more.

So add some flair to your Sailors’ Halloween this year. When you book now, you’ll lock in free premium drinks – a $300 Bar Tab for sailings 6 nights or less, and $600 for sailings 7 nights or more.