Toasting Tradition: Exploring Great Places to Drink in the Czech Republic

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Cityscape of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, Aerial view

The Czech Republic, a country with a centuries-old brewing heritage, is a paradise for beer enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of authentic Central European spirits. From ancient pubs to trendy craft beer bars, the Czech Republic offers a diverse array of great places to indulge in its liquid delights. Let’s raise our glasses and embark on a journey to some of the country’s top spots to drink and savor its unique libations.

  1. Prague – The Heart of Bohemian Beer: No exploration of Czech drinking culture is complete without a visit to Prague. This bustling capital city is home to traditional beer halls like U Fleků, a historic brewery dating back to 1499, and Lokál, where Pilsner Urquell flows directly from the tank. For craft beer enthusiasts, head to Prague’s hip neighborhoods like Žižkov or Vinohrady, where modern beer bars like BeerGeek and BeerCraft await to delight your taste buds.
  2. Plzeň – The Birthplace of Pilsner: Plzeň (Pilsen) is the hallowed ground where Pilsner beer was born in 1842. Visit the Pilsner Urquell Brewery to taste the original golden lager in its purest form. Tour the historic brewery and learn about the art of lager brewing, followed by a refreshing pint straight from the oak barrels.
  3. Český Krumlov – Beer with a View: Amidst the picturesque streets and fairytale-like scenery of Český Krumlov, cozy up in riverside beer gardens and taste local brews while admiring the majestic castle in the distance. Don’t miss Eggenberg Brewery, where their unique beers, including the dark and mysterious Kocour brand, showcase the diversity of Czech brewing.
  4. Brno – Vibrant Craft Beer Scene: As the country’s second-largest city, Brno offers a vibrant craft beer scene. Dive into the local beer culture at Pegas Craft Beer Restaurant, a legendary pub with an impressive selection of craft brews on tap. Wander through the maze-like cellars of Zelňák Beer & Ale, discovering an array of small-batch beers and ciders.
  5. Karlovy Vary – Spa and Spirits: While famous for its thermal springs and spa culture, Karlovy Vary also offers a taste of Becherovka, a popular Czech herbal liqueur. Sip on this aromatic concoction at Becher’s Bar, where the Becherovka tradition comes to life through expertly crafted cocktails.

The Czech Republic’s drinking culture goes far beyond beer, encompassing a rich tapestry of traditional brews and distinctive spirits. Whether you find yourself in Prague’s beer halls, Plzeň’s breweries, or enjoying craft beer in charming towns, every sip in the Czech Republic is an opportunity to savor the country’s time-honored passion for brewing and spirits. So, embrace the Czech tradition, clink your glass with the locals, and celebrate the art of drinking in this enchanting European destination. Na zdraví! (Cheers!)